Tame Impala Live Concert in Jakarta Review
Tame Impala Live Concert in Jakarta
Tame Impala Live Concert in Jakarta

It’s been 5 years since they last came to Indonesia, in those 5 years Tame Impala have established themselves as a top rock band. Having been nominated for their critically acclaimed albums, Lonerism and Currents, the Aussie band shows no sign of stopping.

Tame Impala’s concert in Indonesia is a part of their ‘Currents World Tour’ that has been ongoing since last year. Barasuara, a rising indie rock band, was chosen as the local opening act for Tame Impala and they did not disappoint. The show started off a little bit late from the original timeline, about half an hour late, but that didn’t affect the performances from Barasuara. Songs after songs from their debut album “Taifun” were performed with the audience singing along to them.

Iga Massardi said that they were very honored to open for Tame Impala, when they used to be only a fan who watched Tame Impala’s concert in 2010. After a very powerful opening from Barasuara for about 45 minutes, it’s time for the main act!!

The preparation and sound check from the crew took so long that the band was finally starting at 8.30 PM, half an hour late. Fans never stopped calling their names until one by one they came out. Jay Watson, Kevin Parker, Dominic Simper, Cam Avery and Julien Barbagallo took the stage and started off their set with a short intro.

Kevin then greeted the audience and took off the performance with “Let It Happen”. The fans went berserk plus the psychedelic backdrop added a ‘high’ feelings while we were watching. Fans were singing along, calling out the members and said “Fuck Trevor” a few times.

The band then continued with some of their biggest hits to date from Currents, Lonerism, and InnerSpeaker (complete setlist will be added below). One thing we notice is the audio sounded very excellent, if you were standing close to the stage then you’d probably feel the ‘boom’ from the sound.

Throughout the concert, Kevin kept saying thank you to the fans and even managed to say “Terima kasih” a few times. He said he would never forget Indonesian fans, and would like to come here again soon.

The promoter’s crews were not fussy, which means they weren’t being a dick and did the entrance process very fast (only scanned the printed e-tix) and did not rummage through your bag like you were a terrorist or some criminals. The only thing that could be better was WE WANTED A FREAKING AC OR FAN OR SOMETHING TO COOL US DOWN. Seriously, it was so hot especially if you were close to the lighting even the guy next to us joked “Imagine going to hell feels like”. Even Kevin noticed that we were all getting hot and sweaty, “a good kind of hot and sweaty”. Yeah really…

Aside from the psychedelic like backdrop, the blast of confetti and water spray added surprises and awesomeness to the performance. It was magical, we were waiting for long to attend Tame Impala’s concert and it was fucking great. We had a great moment and the band sounded so great live despite the lack of improvisation. Kevin had a mic trouble in the halfway, but it was minor and the crew professionally handled it well.

Setlist Tame Impala Concert, April 29th 2016 :
1. Intro
2. Let It Happen (Currents)
3. Mind Mischief (Lonerism)
4. Why Won’t They Talk To Me? (Lonerism)
5. It Is Not Meant To Be (InnerSpeaker)
6. The Moment (Currents)
7. Elephant (Lonerism)
8. Yes, I’m Changing (Currents)
9. The Less I Know The Better (Currents)
10. Eventually (Currents)
11. Alter Ego (InnerSpeaker)
12. Oscilly -> Kevin’s guitar solo
13. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (InnerSpeaker)
14. Apocalypse Dream (Lonerism)

Encore :
15. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Lonerism)
16. New Person, Same Old Mistake (Currents)

To sum it up, we’d definitely want to experience their concert again! For videos head to our instagram www.instagram.com/thedisplaymlg

Super trivia fact:
– Tame Impala drank Aqua, Kevin actually did not and chose to spray the water to us (Thanks Kev!!)
– They had beer on stage, either straight from the bottle or in a red cup, or in a glass
– Kevin never took off his shawl, well took it off for a while then put it back on later
– Tame Impala praised Barasuara and said that they were great, it was hard to topple such performances
– The ‘high guys’ were on the back
– Tame Impala crew handed out the setlist to the crowd after they finished performing
– Tame Impala crews wore doctor white robe on stage. We know, it’s nonsense