Music Wednesday: Brasstracks

If you ask Brasstracks how to make people jump out of their seats, the answer might be brass, drums, synth and a lot dose of talent to combine those three instruments to form funky, dramatic, and groovy tunes. If I have to describe it, they would be like James Brown’s band with future sounds and it’s what makes them unique. Brasstracks is a band that consist of 2 members, Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne from Brooklyn, USA. Together, they started churning out music by making original instrumental pieces since a year ago that I guarantee won’t make you bored even when there’s no vocal in it. Their newest single from their upcoming EP, Say U Won’t, premiered through an indie music website, Pigeon and Planes and it’s been picking up 200,000 streams in their soundcloud page and I believe the numbers will grow a lot more in the future.

They also have a keen eye on remixing existing songs and tweak it with their signature 60’s-70’s brass sound. If you take a listen at Gallant’s most prominent track to date, Weight In Gold, which got a remix treatment from Brasstrack, it’ll make you drop your pants. Or in my case, gleaming with excitement and chills running down my spine.

Recently they have released their EP titled “Good Love” and it is filled with some precious tracks you don’t want to miss out.

Besides remixing and covering classic songs from Aaliyah or R.Kelly, Brasstracks also got quite a slew of collaborations with fellow musicians which mostly have R&B, Hip-hop, and electronic sounds to it. If you want to listen more of their crafts, head down to their soundcloud page at and be ready to get blown (get the pun? the brass anyone?)

Recommended Tracks:
Brasstracks – Say U Won’t
Brasstracks – Side 2 Side
Gallant – Weight In Gold (Brasstracks Remix)
Vices & Jailo & Brasstracks & K.B. Starr – We Bout It
Dallas Cotton – Sometime (ft. Brasstracks)
Brasstracks ft. Jay Prince – Good Love