Epic!: An Epic Culinary! review by The Display

That afternoon was cloudy and we could hear thunder, both in the sky and in our stomaches. We decided to scroll to our Path to look for a place to satisfy our hunger and a new place popped up, it’s called Epic! Culinary. We headed straight to the diner that is located at Jl. Candi Trowulan. If you have no idea where it is, you might know a cafe called Vens Coffee or Doremi Karaoke Lounge, and Epic! is sandwiched in between. Epic! Culinary might be pretty small in size, but look how cute the decoration is. It reminded us of 50’s vintage American feel with wooden chairs and tables, tiny cactus plants, and vintage lady in their logo.


Since we were freaking hungry, we ordered right away. Their main course varies in two meat proteins which are chicken and beef. There’s deep fried breaded chicken fillet and grilled minced meat with cheese or bolognese sauce, and chicken and sausage with rice and sauce. They also seemed to venture to the latest trend in dessert world that is Kue Cubit with various toppings. There’s ice cream and various beverages available. We ordered several kinds from their menu, and here is the breakdown.

Beverage: Epic Coffe Mocha, Lemon Tea, Tea, Ice Cream Lova on Top
Food: Mama Chicken, Kue Cubit, No Rice Day, Rice on Top

Epic Coffee Mocha seems to be their specialty because they put their name on it but the taste of coffee wasn’t actually there. Afraid not, Epic! is not a café with barista and sophisticated brewing machine so we can’t really judge it. Ice Cream Lova on Top met our expectation just because the sheer amount of toppings they threw into a scoop of ice cream was insane! We got all kinds of kitkat, oreo, cereal, pocky in a cup of strawberry ice cream and our inner childish self screamed in joy…..

We all know Kue Cubit craze in Malang was far from dying down, so we chose Kue Cubit with the most toppings and ended up with 8 (or maybe 7 we couldn’t remember) pieces of 3 kinds of flavors which are original, chocolate, and greentea. They were half melted and came up with all the toppings you can imagine. It was good but the texture is softer than we expected (cake-y like). It’s a perfect choice for those who wants to hangout without filling up themselves too much.

Moving on, we dig in into the main courses. First off we have No Rice Day Chicken Bolognese. This is basically a giant chicken nugget served with eggs and veggies. It was like an easy morning breakfast with fancy bolognese sauce on top. Then we also tried No Rice Day Chicken Creamy Cheese which is the same as previous but slightly different in sauce. The chicken patty itself is dry and under seasoned, but the sauce made up the lack in taste. The bolognese sauce tasted just like the regular bolognese sauce with sour and sweet that came from the tomato and the creamy cheese was slightly lumpy. And to those Epic! chef or owner who might read this, MORE SAUCE PLEASE!

The most Epic! menu from Epic! (see what we did there?) was the Mama Chicken with Creamy Cheese Sauce. It’s deep fried breaded chicken fillet with cheese sauce poured all over. The gave generous amount of french fries and well seasoned chicken that matches perfectly with the cheese sauce. The Rice on Top fell silently on the corner as it didn’t leave us a big impression. It tasted like regular rice with sausage and chicken pop drizzled in semi-sweet sauce. If you ask us what to order in Epic! we’ll 100% tell you to have the Mama Chicken!

Overall the service was pretty fast, and the waiters were ready to take your order right away. Did we say about the cute plating before? Yeah it was cute and well thought.

Smoking Room : available (ask for ashtray to the waiter)
AC : No AC (Fan only) – actually
Location : Accessible with Public Transportation
Wi-Fi : No wifi
Price Range : Food – 9,99k – 28,99k/ Beverage – 3,99k – 13,99k
Payment : Cash