HMGNC When Love AwaitsHMGNC’s “When Love Awaits” Conveys Partition in A Beautiful Way

Parting ways is a difficult thing to experience, sometimes it doesn’t get easier with times. HMGNC, an electronic trio hailing from Bandung captures it well through their newest single “When Love Awaits”. Reaching almost two decades into their career, the single showcases the maturity of their musical exploration. When ‘maturing’ for some people and music critics could mean that their music gets boring, in HMGNC’s case, their quality becomes more stable. Their decade of expertise is clearly shown through how they mix their tracks and play with balance and volume, so the track can get its dynamic texture. “When Love Awaits” is best experienced through a pair of good earphones, so you could feel the tingling sensations in your ears. Putting the lyrical aspect aside, this song portrays such a sad situation in the opposite way with sensual and pulsating beats.

For the meaning itself, “When Love Awaits” is still within the relationship scope. A theme that would never be stale to be explored and dissected further for most musicians. It tells about the story of a couple who had to drift apart due to differences in their principles and purposes. In this case, the couple believed that one day they would be together again once they have reached their dreams in lives. Well, as cliché and cheesy as it may sound, it is a love song after all. HMGNC stated that this long-awaited new single is the start of their new era. They also promised to bring more materials in the following months after this release. The trio who dubbed themselves as an electronic sci-pop act doesn’t show a sign of stopping in their 18th year of career.

HMGNC When Love Awaits

While “When Love Awaits” is certainly a piece of eargasmic music experience, we cannot wait to see what HMGNC has in store in terms of topics and visual exploration. It would be such a waste to use that much talent and craftsmanship in electronic music to not venture in more experimental things. Steam “When Love Awaits” in various digital streaming services like Spotify, JOOX, Apple Music, and many more.