Harlan Boer Bila Lapar Melukis Album
Harlan Boer
Harlan Boer Brings New Materials Through Release Party & Exhibition

Last seen releasing an album in 2017, folk soloist Harlan Boer returns in late 2018 with a new work of art. The singer-songwriter dan producer completed and released an album called “Bila Lapar Melukis”. He was recently involved in various showcases held by Fungjai, a digital streaming service based in Thailand. It only befits that a release party was also organized by this digital service. It is slated to be held on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 at ATIGA, Jln. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6 in Jakarta. Not only a release party, just like the album suggests, it will also involve some paintings. FYI, the album cover is the work of Harlan Boer himself and the album sleeve also contains his paintings. Through the release party, you will be able to see his paintings in the size of 12cm x 12cm which is also the size of a compact disc. He has invited several artists to contribute an artwork in this event including Anggun Priambodo, David Tarigan, Henry Foundation, Johanna Prakasa, Kubil Idris, Lina Nata, Marishka Sukarna, Mushowir Bing, Onx, The Popo, Reza “Asung” Afisina, Saleh Husein, Toma & Kako, Tita Djumaryo, and Unggul Kardjono.

Harlan Boer Bila Lapar Melukis AlbumAs the first Fungjai exclusive artist from Indonesia, Harlan Boer revealed his songs in this album one by one every Tuesday, at various places ranging from coffee shops, communities, and co-working space. “Bila Lapar Melukis” will be released on physical format as a CD under Langen Srawa Records, an independent label based in Tangerang. The record costs IDR 50,000 that comes with various merchandise including a button pin and a sticker. He won’t be performing alone tomorrow, as he has listed musicians to assist him on stage like Adink Permana (guitar, keyboard, bass), Stephanie Eka & Charita Utami (vocal), Aubrey Fanani (vocal, violin), Dave Leopard (drum, percussion), Ikin Kumel (harmonica), and Ricky Virgana (cello). Before we got to see Harlan’s performance, there will also be Wahyu Acum and The Sweetest Touch to open the whole set. He will also perform songs from his previous discography like his debut mini-album “Sakit Generik” from 2012 up to “Operasi Kecil” which was out last year. The whole show is conducted and curated by Indra Ameng and you can find more information about it on @langensrawa, @halofungjai or @harlan_boer.