BTS Burn The Stage Review
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“BTS: Burn The Stage” Offers A Glimpse of An Idol’s Hardships

When BTS (방탄소년단), a South Korean idol group announced that they were going to release a documentary film, Army (their fans) around the world waited with huge anticipation. November saw the release month of this movie that is officially titled “BTS: Burn The Stage”. Premiering simultaneously in 70 countries on November 15th, the movie saw the preparation of BTS before holding their first major concert in 2017 called “BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour”. It was attended by more than 550,000 fans from the total of 19 cities. The major accomplishment only added more achievement to their already stellar career. Actually, the footages from that concert have already appeared on BTS’ Youtube channel from March, 28th to May, 9th but it didn’t decrease the fans’ enthusiasm to crowd the cinema. The movie was shot in a vlog style video added with some shots from some places that they visited throughout their tour.

The fans were taken to get a closer glimpse of what happened behind those amazing stages. Through the Blood, Sweat and Tears and Happiness (the titles of their songs), we could see their hardships and setbacks. Starting from rigorous rehearsal, endless training and practice, as well as their bond between one another made us realize their charm. Besides the concert, there were also footages of BTS doing some fun activities outside their routine. There was some mukbang (food show) going on, as well as a tour across the city they visited. They also narrated the movie themselves adding more personal touch to this documentary. The most highlighted moment of this movie was when they came across injury but still persisted to do the show in full, showing their professionalism and love for the fans. Sadly, there was no full coverage of their concert but we thought that this is their label’s tactic to reveal it on the DVD so Army would buy it once it is released.

BTS Burn The Stage Review

“BTS: Burn The Stage” has set a new record by gaining $9.3million revenue in North America alone. This beat the record set by One Direction when they released a similar documentary movie years ago. The movie was screened in limited time, but seeing the great enthusiasm from Army, Feat Pictures, the official distributor of this movie in Indonesia has announced several added screen time. A little bad news for you, the movie ticket costs a little higher than normal movies. Through the announcement made in social media, “BTS: Burn The Stage” in Jakarta Greater Area will cost you IDR175,000. Save up some if you really want to see these boys on the cinema, but we advise you to save some more to buy the DVD instead.

Reviewer: Susanti Oktavia/Editor: Novita Widia