Closure I'm A Travelling Man Single Lyrics Video“I’m A Travelling Man” by Closure Depicts Homesick in Various Perspectives

Have you ever traveled so far that you started to miss home? What is home and what do we exactly miss from home? Was it a particular person? Post-punk band hailing from Malang, Closure resonates those questions with their newest release called “I’m A Travelling Man”. The single was officially launched on October 10th, 2018 in the format of a lyrics video. It has been a while since this band works on something new since they were last seen doing a split album with Strangeways. Enrolled under O Pamela Records, a record label based in Jakarta for their previous efforts, the new single marks the band’s return to the music scene. Featuring a pretty solid bass line, the track is opened by melodious guitar pick that you will hear throughout the song. “I’m A Travelling Man” maintains a mid-tempo rhythm that possesses a pretty catchy hook. You can also hear a hint of pop approach in the way that Dheka emphasizes the lyrics in this song. Reminded us a bit of Peterpan on their early days, it is also said that this song was inspired by the tunes of UK and Australia’s post-punk units like The Sounds, The Church and The Chameleons.

The warm tone and echoing effect on the vocals are put forward as the strongest aspect of the song, followed by the bass and guitar. The lyrics video for this song was released simultaneously with the single. Directed and edited by Abel Darbe S. and Pedro Erfan Derry Setiawan, the cinematography takes on a warm Sephia tone depicting two leading roles who travel into the woods. The serene atmosphere of the pine woods enhances the overall feel of the song. This could be your perfect tunes while you are traveling across the globe. Albeit telling the story of a man who travels, the song has a contradictory message conveying that homesickness isn’t real when you have a particular person from your hometown that you carry in your heart everywhere you go. Afif Amrullah, Closure’s guitarist said that the phrase “I found you in my history” doesn’t always refer to a person, it could also apply to certain language, custom, or little things that you hold dear to your heart. The single and its lyrics video is now available to be streamed on Closure’s official Youtube channel here.