Ramengvrl CA$HMERE Music VideoCut Ramengvrl a Check with This Video of “CA$HMERE”

Ramengvrl has done raising her fame through appearances and music, so now it’s time to rake in the dough. That’s basically what she’s flaunting on the latest video for single “CA$HMERE”. Composed by Ramengvrl, Dexfa, Kims, this single is the follow up to her sensational hit single, “I’m Da Man” as well as the second single “Go! (I Can Be Your)”. The female rapper whose career is currently managed by record label Juni Records alongside her management Underground Bizniz Club mentions about her burgeoning career in her bars. She uses cashmere in her rhyme as the luxurious fabric to cover her when she dies, but it’s also a wordplay to the word ‘cash’ which is mentioned and referred a lot of times in this song. Not only about materials, this song speaks a lot about her attitude towards haters, copycats, as well as basic girls who she often sees on social media. Cited from ANTARA News, the bouncy track was inspired by her then affection towards New Orleans’ hip-hop tunes.

She mentioned “Lemon” by N.E.R.D and “No Limit” by G-Eazy as the tracks that influenced her while she was writing the song with Dexfa. Her rhymes and flow on “CA$HMERE” remind us a lot of Iggy Azalea on her older tracks like “Beat Down”. She continued to explain that this feel-good song is all about boasting and flaunting with a lot of attitudes to show. As the video goes, the seizure-inducing graphics are not for anyone with photosensitivity. Otherwise, it’s a pretty catchy track to dance to and the video only adds more reason for us to copy her style. Besides managing Ramengvrl’s music and its distribution, Juni Records also aims to amplify her work to the United States. They have a goal to make a breakthrough stateside, while widening her scope of influence as well. Cop the latest look and sass from Ramengvrl on this video of “CA$HMERE” below.