Gardika Gigih Denting Detak VideoWatch Gardika Gigih’s Exquisite Concert through “Denting//Detak” Video

Pianist/composer from Yogyakarta, Gardika Gigih has successfully held a showcase at IFI Thamrin Jakarta in December 2017 for “Nyala” album. With a packed audience and tremendous support from his label and collaborators, it was such a waste if you missed the opportunity to watch the concert live. However, you could see a snippet of how the concert went through his latest music video called “Denting//Detak”. Videographer Adhito Harinugroho created a sentimental piece to capture the feeling and expectation from the soloist before the concert commenced as well as when he played the track upon exciting crowd. Adhito has previously shot the music video of “Kereta Senja” and this time he also used black and white filter for this video. As the conceptor and director for this video, Adhito explained that the idea emerged while he was riding a motorbike through the streets of Jakarta. Right then, he heard his own heartbeats thus it reminded him with the compositions from Gigih. “It is called ‘Denting//Detak’ because when Gigih plays the piano, I see that he always represents his heart (feelings) and those who watch him play are always moved by the tunes,” explained Adhito.

Through the video that is opened by a voice over from Gardika Gigih, you’ll be able to see the night atmosphere in Jakarta. How the bustling city becomes more peaceful when the night comes and how Gigih could represented the feelings inside his heart well with his piano at the showcase. During the aforementioned concert, Gigih collaborated with Ananda Badudu, Remedy Waloni, Monita Tahalea, Layur, Luthfi Kurniadi, Jeremia Kimosabe, and Suta Suma. Few songs that could be found on the video are a piano improvisation, “Lagu Ibu”, “Dan Hujan I”, “Sampai Jadi Debu”, another improvisation session, “Nyala” and closed with “Tenggelam”. With more than an hour duration, the essence of the concert is represented well with the video and it makes us appreciate his music more. Our favorite part must be “Sampai Jadi Debu” as well as “Dan Hujan I”. What’s yours? Watch the video below.