Linger Presents New Atmosphere Through Single “Condescending” Congratulations You're Getting Old
Dandy Gilang
Linger Released Debut Album “Congratulations, You’re Getting Old” on Digital Platform

Birthdays are no longer a happy occasion once you reach a certain age, and it is twenty-five year old according to Linger, a.k.a Dandy Gilang. The musician who is also the brain behind pop punk group, Write The Future, and indie pop outfit, Much has released his solo debut album called “Congratulations, You’re Getting Old” via Fallyears Records. The 25-year-old musician has released two singles prior to this debut album called “Congratulations, You’re Getting Old” back in 2016 and “Condescending” in 2017. The album itself consists of 12 tracks which were composed, written and sung by Dandy Gilang himself. With the help of Bagas Yudhiswa to mix and master the tracks, he finally revealed it in its digital format. “This album funnily is a present to myself (or you who got older as well) as I get older. Whether in the quarter of life phase or even next birthdays. When life gets tougher, there are more demands and challenges. It’s just what’s been bothering and overwhelming me these past couple of years,” explained Dandy.

The album is the representation of the innermost feelings from Dandy Gilang and he was inspired by his own experiences as well as those surrounding him. Love, career, peer pressure as well as demands from parents became the materials for the lyrics in this album. Music wise, Dandy was highly inspired by the solo projects from Jeff Rosenstock and Saves The Day’s albums called “Stay Whrere You Are” and “Through Being  Cool”. He also cited Piebald, Kevin Devine and Joyce Manor as his influence for Linger’s music. With this album, he also wants to differentiate his solo music with his previous efforts in Much or Write The Future. “It’s been a while since I made very personal songs like my solo project in Soundcloud. There have been so much stuffs to say, so I’m trying to put them out in another output besides the projects that I already have, since it might not be relevant with other members,” added Dandy. Listen to the solo endeavor from Dandy Gilang below.