Ow My Plate New Dessert Menu
Sweet Escape with Ow My Plate Malang Which Serve New Menu

The chain restaurant “Ow My Plate” is famous with their volcano fried rice, but their new menu proves the place to serve more than savory dishes. In an event called “In The Mood of Pink”, the owner Magdalena introduced some of the new items on Ow My Plate!’s menu list. There are one new dessert and one new beverage which have pink as the main theme. Pink is chosen as the theme since it is believed to put out a romantic feeling for those who eat or drink it. First up, there was a dish called “OOTD” as an abbreviation for “Ow Ow Tape Dessert”. OOTD is a dish made up of  a piece of cheese bolu tape cake served on a hot plate. It was then completed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and creamy strawberry sauce with rainbow sprinkle and fruit loops. From the look of it, OOTD was very eye catchy and a show stopper once the waiter served it on our table. When the strawberry sauce was poured on top, we could not help to dig in right away. The combination of the warm cheese bolu tape cake and ice cream somehow worked, and it was very sweet indeed. The sauce sizzled when it reached the hot surface of the iron plate and it’s very Instagram worthy moment.

Ow My Plate New Dessert Menu
Dancing Gulali

To quench our thirst, the new beverage called “Dancing Gulali” was served. It contains fresh milk and fruit syrup, with pink cotton candy and a sprinkle on top. To drink this, you had to eat the cotton candy first on top or you can let it submerge with the drink below. It should be stirred thoroughly and it tasted like strawberry milkshake. One sip too many, this drink was too sweet. Both new menu stood out on their own, but we recommend you to order the menu and enjoy it separately. A visit to Ow My Plate would not be complete without tasting their Volcano Fried Rice. We left the place with full stomach, and in the special occasion, there was also a photo booth which you could take picture at. So much fun with pink!Ow My Plate New Dessert Menu
Location : Jl. Panderman No.3, Gading Kasri, Klojen, Malang (Behind KFC Kawi)

Photo & Review: Hanif Ardhika