HMGNC Self Titled Album HMGNC Present Refreshing Image with Self-Titled Album After Hiatus

HMGNC or formerly known as Homogenic, is a trio electro pop hailing from Bandung. They have started their career since fifteen years ago, and it is surely not a short period. Within those years, the band have revealed several albums and songs like “Seringan Awan” or “Utopia” have become the staple tracks on the indie playlist of many. Two years ago, the band announced hiatus and practically did not release any new material besides remixes from their previous singles. However the spirit of making music still linger in the minds and hearts of Amandia Syachridar, Dina Dellyana, and Grahadea Kusuf of HMGNC. Recently, they happily released their fifth self-titled album while cementing their new abbreviated name. The 10-track album was said to be done using more analog format in a bedroom studio. This was an exciting turn compared to previous records that usually used digital aspects in the recording process.

HMGNC Self Titled AlbumYou can feel a new exploration from HMGNC in terms of music and sound, but their main characteristic is still there. Two tracks “Today and Forever” and “Memories That Last A Dream” which were previously revealed as standalone singles are included in this album. Another exciting track is a collaboration between HMGNC and Agung from Burgerkill titled “This Too Shall Pass” which can be found in this album as well. The whole record creates an ambience that could only be created by HMGNC and the long time fans are in for a refreshing treat. The mastering for this album was done by Stardelta Audio Mastering in UK, while the mixing was done by Grahadea Kusuf. The album can be heard in its digital format across various streaming channels, while the physical format will be out in October 30 under Demajors Records. Get vibin’ with HMGNC with their new album here.HMGNC Self Titled Album