Hi Mom! Penghuni Telinga Music VideoKnow Your Influence with Hi Mom! “Penghuni Telinga” Music Video

Surabaya’s alternative group, Hi Mom! have released their album “The Youth Is The Real Time Bomb” in 2016. Its lead single “Penghuni Telinga” was released prior to the album and it took a year for the band to reveal their music video for this song. Directed by their own drummer Giovanni Dananjaya, the video views the members of Hi Mom! playing the instruments, singing, dancing to the tunes of “Penghuni Telinga” over various backgrounds. Many activities become the background for Indra A. Surya (guitar), Khukuh A. Yuda (vocals, guitar), Adil Alba (bass), Eri Rukmana (keyboard, synthesizer), and Giovanni Dananjaya (drums) in this video. For example, an aerobic studio and a railway are taken as the spots for the shooting. This song talks about the influences that go through your ear and minds constantly. Since we are surrounded by various environments and circle of friends, who we are and who we hang out with matters in the end .

The band which were founded in 2007 have released 3 EPs and one full album. On “Penghuni Telinga”, we can listen to upbeat drums and guitar sound which open the single and we were captivated by the vocals which uses a set of falsetto. There’s a whisper in the middle of the song that really complete the purpose of the single which tells about negative influences that are whispered to us. It has various influences not only rock, but funk and many more in this single. Moreover, Hi Mom!’s album can be obtained in its physical form through Beautiful Terror Records and it is available to be streamed on iTunes and Spotify. Watch the music video of “Penghuni Telinga” and its creative choreography below. Psst, it has lyrics on it so you can sing along loud and proud.