Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol 29 Photographers Camera Lucida
Jerry Aurum
Tips & Tricks for Photographers to Excel in Social Media Era

Maverick Indonesia once again held the 29th edition of Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta and this time they chose “Camera Lucida” as the theme. It was no other according to the fact that photo sharing social media has become  a lifestyle of our generation. Based on the research by Omnicore Agency, a digital marketing agency based in London, every second there are 15 photos that are shared through Instagram and every day approximately 95 million of photos are uploaded. Such staggering number proves that the platform has become a battlefield for photographers, general user, and photography enthusiasts to gain likes among millions of uploads. On Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.29, Maverick teamed up with BINUS University International to invite 7 renown photographers from various fields to talk about the phenomena. They shared tips and tricks on how to excel in the harsh competition of social media.

Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol 29 Photographers Camera Lucida
Ndoro Kakung

With Pecha Kucha’s format of 20 pictures presented in 20 seconds each, the 7 speakers shared their experiences to inspire the audience as well as built networks after the presentation was done. It was opened by Jerry Aurum, a famous commercial photographer and then followed by Tompi, a doctor and musician who loved analog photography. Rony Zakaria became the third speaker who told his experience of documenting pictures that captured the relations between human and nature. Carol Kuntjoro captured emotion and expresses it to her works. While Advan Matthew as a fashion photographer told about the pros and cons in capturing stylish wardrobe and models. The last two speakers were Edy Purnomo and Yoppy pieter, as seasoned documentary photographers. Each of them offered their own perspective and characteristics through their works and the uniqueness made it easier for them to stand out among the crowd. They wanted the audience to also create their own charm without having to follow particular person on social media. “With the help of the advanced technology and social media, anyone can become a photographer now. However how a photographer is capable of offering a distinctive perspective, is a challenge that has to be answered in this tough competition,” said Wicaksono (Ndoro Kakung), the advisor of Maverick Indonesia.