Gardika Gigih Kereta SenjaTalented Composer from Yogyakarta, Gardika Gigih, Reveals Second Single “Dan Hujan I”

Gardika Gigih under Sorge Records is gearing up for his debut album release that is planned to be revealed soon. After releasing a mesmerizing debut single “Kereta Senja”, the talented composer and pianist has now moved on to revealing his second single called “Dan Hujan I”. The single has been long uploaded onto Sorge Records’ Youtube channel about three weeks ago but we finally have the chance now to share it with our beloved readers. This single was recorded on the same session as “Kereta Senja” and was recorded at Koendjono Seminary Room at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta. “Dan Hujan I” was written and composed by Gardika himself, with the recording session assisted by Desti Indrawati as the mezzosoprano vocalist and Hana Azizia as the soprano vocalist. Febrian Mohammad Layur filled in the guitarist position, Suta Suma Pangekshi on violin department, Dwi Ari Ramlan on viola, Alfian Emir Aditya on cello and Wasis Tanata on drum.

Gardika Gigih Dan Hujan I SingleCompared to “Kereta Senja”, this single is less intricate than the previous one with much simple sounding musical instruments and not so complete orchestral set. The vocal harmony is met with lullaby-like keyboard melodies and prominent percussion sound towards the end. The soul and the emotion of Gardika Gigih still persist and alive well in this song. With a simple and short lyrics, it manages to strike to the core of our heart with much sadness. Rain in this single is portrayed as the sole companion to the crying eyes. The beautiful single artwork depicting a bird sitting on a branch of leaves was created by Gata Mahardika. Moreover, Sorge Records have stated that they feel challenged to distribute and promote Gardika Gigih’s music whose music is mostly instrumental. His album “Nyala” will be released in compact disc format as well as digital through Sorge Records in the future. We have high hopes for what he has in store, and let’s enjoy the drizzling rain with “Dan Hujan I” below.