Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 SALUT!Pecha Kucha Night JAKARTA Vol.28 Gives Refreshing Knowledge on Drinks with SALUT!

SALUT! is a term widely used during an occasion, preferably a party when people hold up a glass of drink and then clink it against another glass which symbolizes their hope of success or show of gratitude. The term was borrowed as the theme of Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 in Jakarta presented by Maverick Indonesia to signify that drinks/beverage has become the main theme of the event. ­Taking place at Bukalapak Office at Kemang on December 15th 2016, many people gathered to enjoy the experience of sharing knowledge and information about drinks from 9 expert speakers. Those speakers were Helga Angelina, the owner of Burgreens restaurant that has a purpose to make Jakartans healthy through detox juice; Dhilla Baharudin, master brewer of Tepian Farm that learns about kombucha, a fermented drink; Burhan Abe as wine enthusiast and owner of lifestyle media, MALE Indonesia; Reza Kaharuddin, the owner of MiLQ that serves milk dates and honey drink; Oza Sudewo, the owner of Oza Teahouse; Ade Putri, the founder of Beergembira community that aims to educate people about beer; famous mixologist Kiki Moka with his knowledge about cocktail; the owner of Anomali Coffee, Agam Abgari; and Nova Dewi, the owner of Suwe Ora Jamu.

Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 SALUT!
Burhan Abe explains about wine

The decision to choose beverage/drink as the main topic mainly stemmed from society’s tendency to incline towards food when talking about culinary world, so beverage/drink is sometimes overshadowed. Wicaksono (Ndoro Kakung), Advisor Maverick expresses his opinion about drinks, “Each beverage must have various delicacies and other aspects, like the philosophy of the drink or how to drink it. However, there are many of us that still have no idea about those beverages’ features. As a part of today’s lifestyle, many forms of serving drinks are added to give more taste and experience when someone enjoy his favorite beverage.” During the occasion, the presenter as well as the audience learn about how to enjoy those drinks, how to make them, as well as learning to differentiate various sub-kinds of drinks from each beverage. Ade Putri for example shared her knowledge about beer during the presentation which was educative and fun at the same time. She also admitted that she favored a glass of cold beer after working out to quench her thirst.

Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 SALUT!
Ade Putri shares her knowledge about beer

The presentation of SALUT! used Pecha Kucha renown format in which the speakers were given 20 seconds to present their topics in 20 slides. The brief but informative presentation format hindered us from boredom and also became a challenge for the presenter to sum up their materials comprehensively in a short amount of time. SALUT! was a worthwhile experience and it has become a platform for us to share and learn about drinks more thoroughly from the experts themselves. Hopefully, Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta has more interesting topics in the future!

Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 SALUT!
The 9 speakers of Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.28 SALUT!