JAKARTA JAKARTA! by Vincent Moon and RuruJAKARTA JAKARTA! by Vincent Moon and Ruang Rupa Will Be Premiered during MuVi Party 2016

MuVi Party 2016, an event to celebrate the art of music videos initiated by OK. Video will be premiering a movie called JAKARTA JAKARTA!. The movie is the production result of French indie filmmaker, Vincent Moon in collaboration with Ruang Rupa (Ruru). The first screening of the movie will take place at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem on Saturday, December 17th 2016 at 7 PM Western Indonesia Time. Previously there will also be performances from White Shoes and The Couples Company and Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho. JAKARTA JAKARTA! began with Vincent Moon’s visit to Indonesia in 2011 to present his work and share his experience in a workshop during OK. Video Festival 2011. The director who started a project called Take Away Show Project and La Blogotheque’s video podcast in 2006 with his friend, Chryde, spent time filming music videos with notable acts like REM, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Sigur Ros and many more. His organic and genuine approach to music and the style of making heartfelt music videos has set Vincent Moon with his own distinctive style of directing.

During his visit to Indonesia in 2011, he discussed about making a film about Jakarta with local filmmakers. He had spent two months traveling across Indonesia then and returned to Jakarta to shoot the intended movie and began the early editing of the project. However, the editing process could not be finished in a short amount of time until he had to fly to another hemisphere. The on-going project has been kept in the shelf for 5 years until recently Moon, who currently is in Brazil sent the finished result of JAKARTA JAKARTA! to be screened on MuVi Party 2016. JAKARTA JAKARTA!’s official movie synopsis says

“A poetic ethnographic portrait of a bustling city and its sonic side. From the ritual of Buddhism in the center of the city to a prayer routine in the biggest mosque in Asia, from the street music in the middle of intense traffic to the emergence of dynamic energetic music which combines traditional music with current electronic element. Also starring Sore, White Shoes & The Couples Company, Morfem, The Trees and The Wild, Senyawa, Marjinal, Zeke Khaseli, Terbujur Kaku, Keroncong Tugu Cafrinho and others.”

JAKARTA JAKARTA! will bring you the portrait of the city that never sleeps as well as its inhabitants, musicians, and various cultures during 70 minutes screentime. The movie premiere will be free of charge and for more information about MuVi Party 2016 you could go to their website. Also check out Vincent Moon’s other works and portfolio here while you’re at it. Below is Vincent Moon’s Take Away Show with White Shoes & The Couples Company when they perform on Jakarta’s resident and streets.