lightcraft Another Life EPlightcraft Takes Us To An Exhilarating Journey with Another Life EP

Back on November 28th 2016, the indie rock/dream pop quartet from Jakarta, lightcraft, has released a new record called Another Life EP. We’re lucky enough to receive a copy of the physical release so we thought why not give this mini album a thorough review. Since this is an album, we would break down each track by order, here we go…

  1. A Perfect Kaleidoscope

The EP opens with a pretty long instrumental track called “A Perfect Kaleidoscope”. It starts out with a slow piano sound with melodies that clung on to our brains and wrap us in a fuzzy feeling. The echoing voice throughout the song adds more enthralling vibe and then, the song builds up to a new pace around 2-minute mark. The drum kicks in and add body to the track. Around 3-minute mark, the song takes yet another turn and moves to a fast paced rhythm with the help of drums, synths, and fine guitar performance. Within 4 minute and 49 seconds, we’re taken to a wild ride with this song and we could see why it is called “A Perfect Kaleidoscope”. It’s like experiencing a constantly changing sounds, a befitting track to open the EP.

  1. Build A Fire

Setting off the pace in mid-tempo, the guitar riff and the atmospheric sound are only the beginning of much high-spirited verse and chorus. The song gives off a vibrant and bright ambience to those who listen. The pre-chorus in particular, has a catchy melody and we found ourselves humming to it after several spins. “Build A Fire” offers a refreshing take on lightcraft’s signature sound.

  1. Here Comes The Sun

Nope, this is not The Beatles’ cover and has nothing to do with the legend except the similar title. On the contrary of the title which sounds so uplifting, the song actually feels so mellow because of the melody. No worries there though, because when the sun rises again it gives you a brand new day to start again. The more you find out about the lyrics, the more you’re drowned into sea of feelings.

  1. Another Life

The lead single of this EP is no other than “Another Life”. In the beginning, the song has this melodious trumpet which slightly fades in the background. Thereafter, the pounding drum enters and builds the song in a lively nuance. Once again, Imam showcases his charming vocals in this song. Around 2:09 mark, the trumpet sound in courtesy of Ade Paloh, the frontman of Sore and Marsh Kids, re-appears and catapults “Another Life” to an outro which is both harmonious and sultry. One that you won’t imagine coming from lightcraft’s song.

  1. Hold Your Breath

This track got melodious piano as the core of the song and demonstrates lightcraft’s all-around ethereal sound. The song changes around 2:48 mark, and builds its momentum towards the end. “Hold Your Breath” has a subtle charm that closes the EP with rather pleasant tone.

lightcraft Presents Another LifeOverall, Another Life EP shows an indication of another exploration on lightcraft’s lengthy discography. It sees Imam, Fari, Enrico, and Yopi adding sounds that have not been tried previously. The involvement of another musician on the lead single in the trumpet section, gives refreshing change on the whole record and amplifies the EP which could have been a snooze if it’s not played right. As we observe the album more closely, lightcraft tries to play the dynamics in the songs and props must be given to them. The formula works well and we hope their upcoming record will include more exploration in terms of sound and instruments.

Another Life EP by lightcraft is now available both digitally and physically. You could download, stream and purchase the records through digital outlets like iTunes, Spotify, etc and grab the physical release on your nearest record store. Watch the music video of “Another Life” as well below