Pronks with "Do It"PRONKS Show How They Have Fun with “Do It” Video

Trio rock-blues from Malang, Pronks, have just released their music video for the single “Do It”. The band that consists of Rendra (Bass & Vocal), Erlanda (Guitar), and Gigin (Drum) goes unscripted and plays to their hearts’ content in the music video of “Do It”. Pronks explain that the “rawness” and “wildness” of the video was intentional and it is indeed the concept of the music video. They want to show people how they have fun without being scripted or seeking attention. Without shame, Pronks and their friends can be seen only sporting a brief/boxer and a mask and run around naked. “Yes, because it is us,” continue Pronks in a statement.

Pronks with "Do It"Rendra acts as the producer of the video and he was assisted by Memo Hernanda, a college student from a university in Malang, who is in charge to be the videographer and editor of the video. The single “Do It” is taken from their debut album “Lullabies For Insomnian” that has been released via Barongsai Records. The song tells about a positive spirit and encouragement for people to do what they want and get it. It is perfectly captured in the visual of the song which is filled with youth passion and enthusiasm. “This single is the first song that we introduced to the public, and personally this song becomes out spirit to do whatever we like,” answer Pronks for the reason of this song to be visualized into their first music video.

The video was shot in one of their base camp in Malang called Poharin. The place which also acts as an art space, has become a staple destination for Pronks and friends to hang out. We do wonder of how they write on each others’ bodies though, it looks fun! See Pronks and friends play chess, lit up a fire, dance around, and do other nonsensical things on the video below.