Kunto Aji "Piknik di Akhir Bulan"Kunto Aji shares his experience on “Piknik di Akhir Bulan”

Kunto Aji keeps the momentum after releasing his latest single, “Akhir Bulan” with several fun campaigns and activities dedicated to his fans. After holding “Kece di Akhir Bulan” in which his fans got a reward to a year of free haircut, “Piknik di Akhir Bulan” also had successfully been held. It happened on October 26-27 and occurred in mid-week, when people are usually still busy with their activities.

The concept of “Piknik di Akhir Pekan” was to spend some time on a camping site located at Glamour Camping Legok Kondang Lodge in South Bandung. The singer spent 2 days off with the fans who had bought his album “Generation Y” and followed a competition that showed their creativity by creating a caption on Instagram. Not only entertained by a live showcase of the album, the six lucky fans also got a chance to enjoy the Glamour camp site freely. Asri, one of the winner who works in finance said that the little getaway helped to refresh her mind. Meanwhile fellow winner, Wulan wished that there would be more “Akhir Bulan” themed activities in the future and she also applauded Kunto Aji’s easy going and fun attitude.

Kunto Aji "Piknik di Akhir Bulan"
Kunto Aji with Six Lucky Fans

The event was the result of a collaboration with a travel organizer and consultant called Go Vakansi, which prepared all the required equipment and necessities to make the experience went smoothly. The end of the month is usually identical with the perception of being broke, “Piknik di Akhir Bulan” means to break that stigma and brings joy to all the participants with a little retreat. This event could intimately engage the artist with his fans in a way that has never been done before. We should expect a more unique event and promotion for his upcoming single.

Kunto Aji "Piknik di Akhir Bulan"