Cassette Store Day 2016: A celebration for cassette tapes enthusiasts all over Indonesia

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Record Store Day is a larger part of physical records celebration, so why not Cassette Store Day. That was what Steve Rose thought in 2013. According to NME, the man who runs Sexbeat Label came out with this idea and reached out to Matt Flag from Suplex Cassettes and NME writer Jen Long and it eventually led to the International Cassette Store Day that will have its 3rd year run this year. In 2016, the International Cassette Store Day will fall on October 8 and 9 and Indonesia is one of the country which participates in the celebration.

We’ve compiled a little list of cities in Indonesia which held the Cassette Store Day. Feel free to notify us if there’s another city left behind, so we could add it to our list. See if your city is included and prepare extra cash to bring home all those cassette tapes from your favorite artists.

Cassette Store Day Jakarta
Source: @cassettestoredayjakarta
Cassette Store Day Jakarta 2
Source: @warungmusik

– Jakarta (10/8)
o Kemang
o Blok M Square

cassette store day bogor
Source: @positivesights

– Bogor (10/9)
o Safe N’ Sound Venue

Cassette Store Day Bekasi
Source: @muh_reza09

– Bekasi (10/8)

Cassette Store Day Bandung
Source: @omuniuum

– Bandung (10/8-9)
o Omuniuum, Ciumbueluit

Cassette Store Day Cirebon
Source: @ugs_store

– Cirebon (10/9)
o Keenanion Studio

Cassette Store Day Tebing Tinggi
Source: @metaruang

– Tebing Tinggi, Sumatera Utara (10/8)
o Kedai Kopi Amir

Cassette Store Day Aceh
Source: Arakatee Acehnese Records

– Aceh (10/22)
o Arakatee Acehnese Records

Cassette Store Day Semarang
Source: @semarang_on_fire

– Semarang (10/8)
o Clapper Movie Café

Cassette Store Day Solo– Solo (10/8)
o Muara Market

cassette store day yogyakarta
Source: @doggyhouserecs

– Yogyakarta (10/8)
o Halaman Bentara Budaya

csd– Surabaya (10/8)
o M Radio Surabaya

Cassette Store Day Malang
Cassette Store Day Malang

– Malang (10/8)
o Teras Panglima

Cassette Store Day Lombok
Source: @onikill

– Lombok (10/9-8)
o Jl. Swakarya No.42, Mataram

Source : NME and Instagram