Rasvala Reaper SingleBogor’s Grunge Collective, Rasvala Reveal “Reaper” Lyrics Video

Grunge band or as they would like to call themselves Seattle sound band, Rasvala are back to release a lyrics video for their single called “Reaper”. Released on 15 June 2017 on Youtube, “Reaper” is the third single from the band hailing from Bogor after two original singles and two covers. The band’s name is the acronym of “Rajaswala”, a Sanskrit word which means full of passion. They were formed on 5 April 2016, the twenty second anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, or the so-called the father of grunge genre. Fikar (vocal & guitar), Rifal (bass), Renal (guitar), and Opay (drum) tells about the bustling life of a couple who are in their productive period. If many people usually shed a light on the bright side of settling down in their youth, Rasvala have a different opinion about it. This must come from an observation from the band to their surrounding environment and society who encourage marriage on early age.

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Rasvala Reaper SingleAs Bogor’s music scene is on the low recently, this does not stop Rasvala from keep making music and on “Reaper” they use a rather comical lyrics with full of anger expressing their thoughts about the aforementioned topic. They utilize heavy distortion sound and shouting-like vocal style in their song. For the lyrics video and the artwork for this single, Rasvala use red and black as the main colors to make a bold statement about their new song. Surrealist art for the artwork shows a picture of a skull combined with wings and snakes on top of it. The visual for the lyrics video was done in collaboration with a videographer based in Semarang named Kukuh. You can follow their latest updates through Facebook or Instagram. Do not forget to check out their lyrics video for “Reaper” below.

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