The Mummy Dark Universe ReviewReview: Tom Cruise Brings Adventure to The Mummy Franchise But That’s Not Enough

The Mummy – Dark Universe (2017), is a remake of the film from the same name that was originated in 1932. The idea of an archeologist who accidentally discovered an old cursed tomb of an ancient Egyptian high priest do appeal to the viewers. In 1999, the film was remade by Hollywood and starring Brendan Fraiser as the main star. The franchise of this series span 13 different versions and sequels with some successful commercial release in some of it. The 2017 version sees Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise, as the lead role and how does it fare compared to the predecessors? Let’s start with the plot first. An ancient princess named Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) had to be grounded in the modern era, and looked forward to bringing her into a space and time that was foreign to her.

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The Mummy Dark Universe ReviewPrincess Ahmanet pictured as the next heir of Egyptian. She was threatened by just-born-son of Pharaoh because she realized that power was not to be given. She decided to take over the power by affiliated with Set (God of War). Accidentally awoken by Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), this original and extraordinarily powerful monster sets out to reclaim her stolen kingdom and ascend to her rightful place as pharaoh.  With her evolving powers, the strange and seductive Ahmanet forges an unbreakable connection with Nick, and in so doing, intertwines their destinies. Nick is not simply the one responsible for setting Ahmanet free, he’s fulfilling an ordained destiny he couldn’t have possibly imagined.  Now, he is the only one who can stop her ascension to a global ruler who will enslave humanity. As the story unfolds, he got assisted by Jenny Halsey, an archeologist played by Annabelle Wallis.

The Mummy Dark Universe ReviewThe Mummy was directed by Alex Kurtzman and Tom Cruise also joined the production team and helped the creative direction of the film. It is said that the filmmaker try their hardest to modernize the existing theme to be fit in our current era and we feel a mixed feelings about it. They try to capture a theme called Dark Universe and set the ambience of the film surrounding this particular mood. At some point, the film can pump up the adrenaline of the viewers and got you engrossed to the plot. Tom Cruise as a renown action star manages to bring adventure into The Mummy, but is it enough? Apparently it is not the case for this horror-adventure movie. We loved Brendan Fraser’s version of The Mummy since it’s kinda fun and the mood for that film was not set to be as serious as this one. If you’re looking into fighting and chasing scene, then this movie got it and it is one of the most highlighted part of it. Tom Cruise fits perfectly for the action scene, but not so much for the drama. This film is a sure pleasure for the fans of the franchise.

Mixed review by: Audy Prasetya/Novita Widia


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