Exi(s)t 2017 Exhibition at Galeri Nasional
The artists and curators of EXI(S)T 2017
EXI(S)T 2017 Touches Modern Issues with ‘Tomorrow As We Know It’

Dia.Lo.Gue artspace once again collaborate with young and talented artists in their latest installment of EXI(S)T 2017. EXI(S)T itself is a program created by the art institution, and initated by Mr. Hermawan Tanzil and Mr. FX. Harsono as an incubator for Jakarta’s youth to develop any artistic potential which includes critical dialog between the participants, mentors, and curators as the main process. The program that has been running from 2011, sees its 6th exhibition run for three weeks starting from 17 May up to 5 June 2017. This year, the theme of the exhibition is “Tomorrow As We Know It” and it features fifteen young artists from Indonesia, especially Jakarta, as the participants and it is curated by Evelyn Huang and Shila Ghaisani. The theme was chosen to take the artists’ interpretation about the future based on their own personal interest. The talented artists are purposely displaying the current generation which also portrays Jakarta’s art scene which varies. It aims to be more widely known by the public, not only in Indonesia but also overseas. During the opening night of the exhibition, we could also watch the music performance from Jason Ranti as we took a good look on the artworks on display.

Filosofi Kopi 2 The Movie
Exi(s)t 2017 Exhibition at Galeri Nasional
The curators, Sheila Ghaisani (left) and Evelyn Huang (right)

As we’d like to avoid the overuse of the word ‘millennial’, the exhibition elaborates many perspectives from today’s youth. The result can be seen in the artworks that do not only please your visual but also encourage the visitors to analyze them deeper. They touch different subjects like the spiritual, gender, science, virtual reality and the coming of apocalypse. Those artists who are involved in this exhibition are Bey Shouqi, Dhanny Sanjaya, Edita Atmaja, Faisal Rahman Ursalim, Fransisca Retno, Gadis Fitriana, Grace Joetama, Ivan Christianto, Kara Andarini, Monica Hapsari, Ratu R. Saraswati, Rianti Gautama, Sarita Ibnoe, Wangsit Firmantika and Yaya Sung. Different from previous edition of EXI(S)T, this year Galeri Nasional becomes the host of the exhibition. This also marks as another milestone for the artists involved as it further laments their track records on Indonesia’s growing art scene. The event takes place at Building B & D of Galeri Nasional and you can visit it from 10 AM up to 6 PM.

Exi(s)t 2017 Exhibition at Galeri Nasional
Gadis Fitriana with her installation called “Eksperimen 180”
Exi(s)t 2017 Exhibition at Galeri Nasional
Wangsit Firmantika with his work titled “Doki Doki Bedroom”

Reporter: Narisha Zulkarnain/Editor: Novita Widia

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