Wakturuang Kayutangan Malang by A Day to WalkRelive The Golden Era of Kayutangan with WAKTURUANG: Kayutangan by A Day to Walk

If you are a resident of Malang city since you were born, there is a big chance that you will recognize the iconic street that lays on Jl. Basuki Rahmat Malang. The area commonly referred as Kayutangan used to be the center of business and commerce. As the time passes by, the area amidst becoming one of the main traffic lane in the city, experienced a hiatus with businesses being shut down one by one. WAKTURUANG: Kayutangan is a project initiated by community called A Day to Walk with their affiliates that will take place on the street of Basuki Rahmat. The decision to name this project WAKTURUANG comes from a thinking in which time meets space will result in a momentum. Kayutangan was chosen as the venue for its potential to become a tourism object with a concept of walking tour, just like Kota Tua in Jakarta and Semarang. By walking through the street of Kayutangan, we are taken to a trip among shops and buildings which have existed since the colonial era. Taman Tembakau, Toko Riang, Toko Modern, Megaria, Toko Lido, twin building at Kayutangan’s junction, and the ruins of Merdeka Cinema are among the objects that we could visit and observe during the tour.

LIFEs - Literature and Ideas Festival

Other than buildings on its main street, we could also walk into the river banks, tunnel, small corridors and passages up to a legendary market called ‘Pasar Talun’. In this market, the committee of WAKTURUANG will set up a stage for an exhibition, fashion, discussion, film screening and music performances. The tight community that support the livelihood in this market have persisted for more than 40 years and some of the vendors remain the same. The aim of this project is to introduce the history of Kayutangan, reminisce its golden era as well as involving many parties to create a creative event. A Day to Walk also collaborate with local youth and residents and also Malang’s creative communities and individuals. Below is the rundown of the two-day event which you can participate.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

  1. Opening of WAKTURUANG: Kayutangan at 09.00 AM
  2. Photo exhibition at Pasar Talun at 10.00 AM
  3. Sepeda Keliling at 11.00 AM
  4. Cangkrung Kane at 19.00 PM
  5. Layar Tancep at 21.00 PM

Sunday, 7 May 2017

  1. Photo exhibition at Pasar Talun at 09.00 AM
  2. Fashion street at 10.00 AM
  3. Musik di Pasar at 16.00 PM
  4. Cangkruk Kane and the launching of Walking Tour Map at 20.00 PM

For more information regarding this event, please head to their Instagram and Twitter, or simply contact this number +6281232848124 .

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